Selçuk Basa

ACF19 Selçuk Basa "Amorf Project"

december 11th friday 2015 at: 20:00 Samm's Bistro


Samm's Bistro
Çankaya, Uğur Mumcu Cad. No:19 GOP, Ankara

Selçuk Basa "Amorf Project"

Burçin Büke - piano
Emin İnal - keyboard
Ferhat Hasanoğlu - bas
Behsat Boran - drums
Barış Bölükbaşı - guitar
Selçuk Basa - saxophone / vocal

Selçuk Basa, who's had two albums called "Aşk Bekler mi*" and "Huzursuz" released by DMC, grew interest in music when he was a teenager. He composed lots of pieces of music in the meantime, which was more than 25 years. Despite having a really busy profession, he continued maintaining his interest in music, playing different musical instruments such as guitar, saxophone and flute, and he decided to come together with Burçin Büke, creating a concept like "a pianist & a surgeon" three years ago. After Emin İnal, Ferhat Hasanoğlu, Behsat Boran and Barış Bölükbaşı joined the group, the album-project called AMORF, which is going to be released very soon, was completed. The project includes pop jazz-funk tunes composed by Selçuk Basa.
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